Friday, August 31, 2012

How To Make the Most out of Your School Year

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Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, making the most out of your school year is important to everyone. Don’t let the next several months pass you by, here are 5 tips to ensure a fulfilling year ahead!

1. Join a club: Becoming a member of a group or organization that you have a strong interest in is a great stepping stone for the future. Being part of something where each student shares a common interest, goal or purpose promotes teamwork and can prepare you for the workforce; most specifically a career. 

2. Participate in Athletics: According to Sue Castle, Executive Producer of PBS Sports: Get in the Game, "The evidence supporting sports participation for young people is overwhelming...It has the power to combat everything from racism to low self-image, to the high-school drop-out rate." Athletic programs in schools are such a positive outlet because they have the ability to promote teamwork, camaraderie and respect. 

3. Run for student body council: What better way to make the most out of your school year than to become the voice of your peers? Maybe you've had ideas for years about improving school lunch options or themes for school dances- by becoming a leader you'll have the platform to potentially see those changes. 

4. Explore the arts: Connect with your creative side by participating in activities such as drama, band or even dance. Performing arts programs not only serve as  great confidence boosters, but they also allow the growth of social skills by involvement within the group as well as with audiences. 

5. Become a member of the yearbook staff: This one's a no brainer. Having the privilege to work on your school's yearbook, is great way to document the school year. Examples could include covering events that you've always wanted to attend, or meeting/interviewing students that you haven't had the chance to meet before. 

And my last tip for all you students: Go out of your comfort zone, say hi to everyone, be friendly amongst your peers, talk to groups of students you don't normally talk to, meet potential new friends. But most of all, have fun!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backpacks Under $50

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Because it's that time again, I give you another back-to-school article..enjoy!

Gear up for school with these fashion forward backpacks. With plenty of styles to choose from and each bag under $50, get ready to make a statement in the halls.

For the Diva
Go wild with JanSport's High Stakes Realistic Chee Backpack (shown in Black/ Multi). Available at Sport Chalet and, $40.

For the Jock
Support your favorite team with the Concept One Slingbag (*Backpack shown is one of many teams. Available only on, $29.99.

For the Techie 
Carry your laptop safely in Pottery Barn Teen's Gear-Up Messenger Bag (shown in Black Damask). Messenger bags can be made customizable with embroidered names or initials for an additional charge. Available at, $39.50.

For the Trendsetter

Get noticed with this super popular trend in Mossimo Supply Co. aztec themed backpack(shown in Multicolor Stripe Print). Available only on, $29.99.

For the Practical Student 

Tote your belongings to and from class with the GAP Herringbone Backpack (size senior). Available at, $25.86. 

As always, Good luck in school and Happy Shopping! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer-to-Fall Nail Trends

Out with the old and….in with the old? Here's a look at 5 summer nail trends that I hope stay for fall.

1. Matte nail polish became a big trend this summer, but I think it will be even bigger this fall. There's just something about that non-glossy manicure that seems so appropriate for the coming season. Try a french manicure with a matte shade to make a very bold statement.

2. and 3. This particular style introduces two trends in one: the accented ring finger and glitter nail polish. Both trends have been favorites of mine as well as ones I've worn a lot this summer. An accented finger is fun, it breaks up the monotony of a single color manicure and glitter is just simply girly. And what could be more 'girly' than nail polish?

4. There's no other way to describe leopard print than fun, flirty, and feminine all wrapped into one. And that is why I absolutely adore this nail trend, and hope that it sticks around a little while longer. For this manicure, try using colors that don't resemble an actual leopard's coat, to give yourself a customized look. 

5. Magnetic nails are a trend I've yet to try, but a trend that also intrigues me. Similar to my feelings about matte nail polish, magnetic nails seem very autumn-inspired to me. The shades (the ones of which I've seen in stores at least) are deeper hues such as: burgundy, navy, black, etc. These nails are perfect for both seasons because they're oh so sleek and sexy.

Hands down, no pun intended…these are the 5 summer nail trends that I hope to see more of next season. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

It's been forever since I've written a beauty blog strictly for this blog. I've been inundating you with articles from the website I currently write for. So, I decided to show my blog some love- and this is what I decided to grace you all with: My thoughts on the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (foundation). Although I've only tried a sample of it, I actually really like it. It's super lightweight, leaves a flawless luminous finish and comes in a multitude of shades. 12 to be exact. I happen to be # 8: medium-dark shade, with warm golden undertones. How I came across this foundation was through an email Sephora sent me as part of their beauty insider program. Introducing the new product, the email stated that you could pick up a week's worth sample at your closest store. Now, I initially went in to pick up my annual birthday present- also through the beauty insider program and figured why not pick up the sample as well? Turns out the store didn't have any :( It also seemed that the girl at the register had no idea what I was talking about, saying it might be an online only promotion. I told her I was really interested in the product, I'm assuming she felt bad because she had another associate color match me to make a sample of the foundation- I expected nothing less from them! Sephora always makes sure you leave happy, and that's probably why I keep going back...that and my unwavering love for beauty. Even though the sample isn't a week's worth, I'm still happy I got enough of it to at least try on my entire face. I was slightly hesitant to even try it- because let's be honest, it's a little pricey and I didn't want to fall in love with something that expensive- even if it is really great. The foundation retails for $38, and yes I have spent more than that on other makeup products- but I'm not sure I'd want to spend that much on foundation alone. Instead I also plan on trying out L'oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous foundation, another new foundation which looks like it could be comparable to the UD Naked foundation, and is $30 cheaper!!! The one thing that both foundations do have in common it seems is the luminosity factor- both products claim to leave a healthy glowing finish. The UD Naked foundation actually did just that, it probably didn't hurt either that I applied it with my beauty blender-which I blogged about way back when in this post :
Overall I'm pretty pleased with the product, but the jury's out until I try the L'Oreal True Match Lumi. I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Pictures to follow soon too! Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO

Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 Tips To Get Back into School Mode

Attention Students: It’s almost time to immerse yourselves in the new school year. The familiar sounds of warning bells, lockers shutting, and students chattering in the halls will become your routine within the next couple of weeks. While I’m sure there are plenty of students dreading the return of homework, your return to campus doesn’t have to be as miserable. Just follow these 7 tips for getting back into school mode.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night the week leading up to the first day of school.

2. Start your days with a routine that you would normally have if it were a school day.

3. If you don’t usually eat breakfast, try eating something small in the mornings. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all! It makes for good brain food and also energizes you for the day ahead.

4. Attempt to wind down from your summer. Maybe you have a friend you’ve been hanging out with every day or a group of friends has been going to the beach every week. By slowly cutting back on the daily and/or weekly socializing, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to ease back into the school year, without feeling like your whole summer ended abruptly.

5. If you’ve already registered for school- get a group of your friends together to discuss each other’s class schedules, goals for the year, etc. Talking about school is a good way to prepare you for the actual thing.

6. Go school supply shopping. Nothing says preparation like stocking up on notebook paper and pencils.

7. And one of the most fun ways to prepare yourself is to plan a final trip/event of the summer with your family or friends. Whatever you plan can be the big send off for the coming school year.

Hopefully by now your summer has been awesome, and with enough planning and preparation, your school year will be even better. Good luck!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5-Minute Makeup

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If you’re pressed for time but need an amazing makeup look, try this 5-minute face routine. You’ve got to work fast to beat the clock, but with enough practice and/or time constraints you’ll get it down in no time…all while looking absolutely fabulous.

1. To begin, apply a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream (blemish balm) to all areas of your face, in a shade that closely matches your skin tone. Using either product works best because both contain built in moisturizer and color- so you’re able to eliminate 2 steps (moisturizer, foundation) by using one product.

2. Next, you’ll want to apply concealer to problems areas of your face such as: blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles.

3. Lastly, set your face with a powder of your preference.

4. Before you move on to eyes, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks smile in the mirror. The two highest and roundest parts of your cheeks are your apples.

5. Next prime the eyes. Using an eye shadow primer (Urban Decay and Too Faced both have great primers) will insure staying power of your colors.

6. For a quick yet put together look, I suggest using 3 eye shadows: a neutral shade for your all-over base, a deeper shade for your crease and a lighter shade for the lids. The lightest shade can also be used to highlight (apply to the brow bone and inner corners of eyes).

7. Line eyes with a pencil, this works best for a fast application.

8. Lastly, add mascara and you’re done!

Time! Now you’re out the door. The next time you’re in a pinch or just want to take the challenge- try this out and see if you can’t meet that 5-minute mark, gorgeous.