Sunday, July 24, 2011

About Me

Hey Dolls! I'm Ali, I'm 25 and I live in sunny California :) I've created this blog and dedicated it to my love of everything Style, Beauty & Fashion. Let me begin though with a bit of background info...I grew up the youngest of three siblings; the only girl following two boys, which meant, the occasional hand me downs- YES, boy's hand me downs, as well as being the guinea pig for the new wrestling moves they wanted to try. Hey, at least I got my own bedroom growing up! But because of my special birth order, my parents made every attempt to keep me their baby girl for as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, I've always been intrigued by femininity and clothes and the obsession of must-have accessories, but as one might imagine, most of those things weren't always accessible to me. My parents forbade me from wearing the wide-legged flare jeans that every girl in the 7th grade was wearing. I wasn't allowed to cut my waist long hair until I was 13. I couldn't wear make-up or date until I was 16. My parents were very traditional, and although I didn't always understand their rules- I appreciate them now, the older I get. That isn't to say that I always listened to them. There's been a time or two, when my parents caught me wearing bright red lipstick..and boy did I pay the price!!! To this day, I still don't own any red lipstick- although I believe it is a shade every woman should have in her collection. It wasn't until I spent the summer of my 13th year with my grandmother that changed it all. You see, my grandmother- like any grandmother gave me all the things my parents wouldn't. She spoiled me, from the clothes I liked, to the haircut I wanted, and even to my first nailpolish that wasn't either clear or baby pink. I liked being girly, so with the money my grandmother would give me, I continued buying all the clothes, shoes and purses that would fit in my suitcase. When I returned home with a new wardrobe, shorter hair, and a new ear piercing, I was a little nervous to say the least. However, I couldn't un-pierce my ear, or re-attach my hair, there simply was no way I was giving up all the things my grandmother let me have. This was the new me :) High school came and went, college came and went, and during those times I kept up with trends- but I always made sure to throw in my sense of individuality; never forgetting that it's the person that makes the outfit, not the other way around :) When I started making my own money I realized that quality was better than quantity, although by the looks of my closet you'd think I wasn't so sure. I read somewhere that less is the new modern...Genius! Now I've always loved shoes, I honestly think it runs in my family's blood. I've always loved handbags, but two years ago I started getting really into makeup- and that is where this passion for fashion and style began. I became familiar with all sorts of products and brands, I became obsessed with them. More than fancy products and expensive labels though, what I love most about fashion and beauty is how easily they allow you to transform your look each day. And how both can make you stand out and call attention to the gorgeous self you truly are!!! So that is where this blog begins- sharing with the world my opinion on all things fabulous- from products I use on a daily basis, to things I can not live without, where I shop and the latest trends I'm obsessed with. I hope you all enjoy my little world. Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO 

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