Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mac Announces New Holiday Collection

Movie star legend and world’s sexiest icon, Marilyn Monroe will be the face of Mac’s limited edition 2012 holiday collection; Marilyn Monroe- available in stores and online now. (Some items may already be sold out).

The buxom blonde, who was 36 at the time of her premature death 50 years ago was known for her sultry eyes, bouncing blonde curls and signature red pout. Not to mention that raspy voice!

Celebrities such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera and most recently Michelle Williams, have all channeled the late star’s iconic look.

And now, thanks to Mac you too can recreate the silver screen siren’s famous face.

The collection includes: all new eye shadows, lipsticks, dazzleglasses (lip gloss), eyeliners, brow products, lip liner, face powder, blush, nail polish and a set of false eyelashes.
Prices start at $15.

In shades like Forever Marilyn, Vintage Vamp and Stage Red- this collection is sure to be iconic. Hurry before it’s too late. 

Halloween Costume Ideas

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*Disclaimer: This post is relatively teen oriented.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. What's not to love about costumes, candy and spookiness? If you aren't sure what to dress up as just yet, hopefully this list of 2012's most popular costumes will give you some inspiration. 

After looking through the list, please don't feel pressured to go out and buy the actual costume, feel free to take ideas from it and recreate it at home. Sometimes the best costumes are homemade. Have fun with it and let your imagination run wild. 

Girls Costumes
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
Snow White & The Huntsman 
Disney Princesses 

Boys Costumes
Jack Sparrow
Justin Beiber 

Group Costumes 
One Direction 
Olympic Athletes
Reality Stars (Jersey Shore)
Angry Birds
The Avengers
Glee Characters
Twilight Characters 

Doctor & Nurse 
Athelete & Referee
Greek God & Godess

Can't wait to see all of those creative costumes. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Latest & Greatest

Hi Loves!

I've been quite busy writing for the website (, that linking all of the articles with pictures is getting to be a bit much. So instead- I'll just post the links for my last 4 articles rather than blog them all out.

Is that even a term? LOL

So here they are, I hope you enjoy them- because I really enjoyed writing them. I'm still working on ways to create more original fashionably latest blog posts.

And to any and all of my readers, be they a handful or plenty- thank you for continuing to read this page, thanks for your support, thanks for keeping me motivated to write.

Without further ado:
This one is one of my favorites thus far. I was contacted by UK spa company, Champneys, to do a review on some of their beauty products. I'm so thankful for that opportunity- so Champneys if you happen to read this...thank you!

Happy reading y'all!

5 Must-Have Layering Pieces

September 21st marked the first day of Fall. Hello pumpkin spice, goodbye pina colada! 

Festive drink flavors aside, what better way to kick off the season is there, than with some amazing layering pieces? I give you 5 must-have items of the season.

1. Long Sleeve Waffle Print (thermal) Shirt

Perfect For: Layering underneath a short sleeve shirt, button up, sweatshirt or jacket. Bonus feature: it's fashionable and keeps you warm.

2. V-Neck Boyfriend Cardigan 

Perfect For: Throwing over a fitted blouse or shirt, especially in the evenings when it's cooler. Also would look good paired with skinnies and boots for a comfortable look.

3. Eternity Scarf
Perfect For: Serves a dual purpose of accessorizing your outfit while at the same time keeping you warm. Stay away from pairing the scarf with a hood, you don't want all that bulk around your neck.

4. Zip Front Hoodie

Perfect For: Layering under or over a top. It can also be worn separately if you aren't in the mood for layering this piece. Hoodies come in handy if you can't stand messing up your hair with all the action of a pullover. 

5. Pullover Sweater

Perfect For: Any occasion. I am partial to v-neck pullovers, as layering shirts underneath looks more flattering with the neck line. If you want a sweater that goes with everything, try cream, black or grey. 

Layering isn't for just fall only. All pieces can be worn separately and during other seasons. The fun part about getting dressed this time of year though, is that you can take your entire wardrobe and create so many fun looks. Which looks are your favorite? 

Homecoming Dress Shopping

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For most high schoolers, Homecoming is only a few weeks away. Which means ladies, if you haven’t found your dress by now (or guys, a tux or suit); you’re running out of time. 

But don’t go into panic mode just yet because as always, we here at The Teen Trends have got you covered. Whether it’s a floor length gown or a sexy sheath you’re dreaming of, the following sites and stores have got everything you’ll need.

Check out places like:
• (Yes, they carry more than just wedding dresses!)
•Or the formal section at most department stores (For both girls and guys)

*A helpful tip- dress swapping might come in handy for those looking to save on the night’s expenses. Exchange, or simply borrow a dress from a friend who has already worn it to a previous dance. This will save you both time and money. Just don’t forget about the accessories like shoes, jewelry, ties, or clutches.

So get a jumpstart on planning, and beat the rush of others ordering corsages and boutonnieres, or making dinner reservations for the big dance.

Here’s to your school’s victory on the field and your victory in the fitting room. Happy Shopping! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Demi Lovato Joins Bang Rage

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Here's my latest featured article:

OPI's Germany Collection

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I’m such a sucker for nail polishes with ridiculously clever names. Which is why I’m obsessed with OPI’s new Germany Collection. (Fall 2012)

In 12 shades that range from pale pink to slate gray, this tour of Europe has undoubtedly put Deutschland on the fashion map.

The colors from left to right:

My Very First Knockwurst, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, Berlin There Done That, Schnapps Out of It! , Deutsch You Want Me Baby? , Danke-Shiny Red, Suzi & the 7 D├╝sseldorfs, Every Month is Oktoberfest, German-icure by OPI, Unfor-greta-bly Blue, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! , Don’t Talk Bach To Me

Try on colors at; descriptions of each shade ($9 at select retailers) are also available on the site.

My favorites? Don’t Talk Bach To Me and Every Month is Oktoberfest.

Which are your favorites?

Auf Wiedersehen!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What To Pack in Your Makeup Bag

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At one time or another every girl has needed a quick makeup fix. Admit it, you've gone half way through the day and were suddenly mortified by the slight case of raccoon eyes you had no idea existed, right? And It's always in those moments of desperation, that we never seem to be prepared. Well suffer no longer ladies, because I've compiled a list of must have items in your on-the-go makeup bag. 


1. Eye Lash Curler

2. Mascara

3. Eye Liner (and sharpener if necessary)

4. Lip balm/Lipstick

5. Face Powder

6. Concealer

7. Tweezers

8. 1 face brush and 1 spare eye shadow brush

9. Makeup remover wipes

10. Floss

Sure toting around every item on the list seems like a bit much- but when it comes to sparing you an embarrassing moment, you'll be thankful you had every item on hand.

You're Welcome, Gorgeous!

Fall Jacket Guide

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Get ready to bundle up! Here's a look at some of this season's best jackets.


Still so trendy for juniors and women are blazers. These sport coat inspired jackets can really dress up an outfit, without doing too much. The great thing about blazers is that they come in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors- so you can purchase a few without feeling like you're repeating an outfit. 

The 'One Button Color Blazer' from Papaya (pictured above) is a great option. ($21.99)

Trench Coats

The essential rainy weather item.  Available in different lengths, trench coats look great on everybody. 

Forever 21's 'Belted Button Tab Trench Coat' (shown) is definitely a winner. ($34.80)

Pea Coats 

A slightly heavier coat designed to keep you warmer as the weather cools down; pea coats are fashionable for both guys and girls. Made in an array of styles and colors to please every fashion sense. 

The women's 'Belted Performance Fleece Peacoat' from Old Navy (shown) is beyond fierce. ($34.94)

Jean Jackets 

When you need something that goes with everything, a jean jacket serves that purpose. This selection is a classic, it will never go out of style- just be careful when wearing a jean jacket with jeans, as the washes should never match. 

Levi's 'Authentic Trucker Jacket' (shown) is the perfect pick. ($78)

Down Jackets 

In regions of the country that get unreasonably cold during fall months and worse during the winter, a down jacket is ideal. The feathers are great insulators of heat which is what keeps you so warm inside those soft puffy jackets. Downs also come in different lengths and styles and are perfect for outdoor activities. 

Old Navy's 'Frost Free Quilted Jacket' in Gray Leopard (shown) is utterly adorable. ($49.94)

Leather Jackets

A clear indicator that the weather has changed is signified with the leather jacket. Like the jean jacket, a leather jacket is also timeless. This item is the epitome of cool. Available in a variety of styles and colors, as well as real and faux materials. 

Nordstrom's 'Collection B Quilted Faux Leather Jacket' (shown) is just so chic. ($33.90)

Which ones will you be wearing this fall? 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Latest Articles Are Up!

So instead of posting the actual articles on my blog, I thought I'd just link the two. It's getting a bit monotonous, and I'm itching to post some original (or rather, non website related) work on here. Suggestions for topics??? Help me out. Till then, stay fabulous! And check out my latest articles on XOXO!

Thanks everyone (everyone that reads my blog, anyway ;) )

Crazy For Ombre

Made famous by celebs like Jessica Biel, Ciara, and Lauren Conrad to name a few- Ombre hair has become a huge trend not to mention, highly sought after style for most of 2012. Although the trend is most popular within the beauty community (hair and nails), it’s also crossed over into clothing and fabrics.

Ombre” is easily defined as different colors and tones shading into each other resulting in a color scheme that graduates from light to dark or vice versa.

So what does Ombre hair look like? The answer: dark roots that gradually get lighter toward the ends of your hair. The style can also be reversed.

In my case, I ended up with Ombre hair on accident I suppose. Or rather, I had the hairstyle before it was even a trend really. It was the result of not re-dying my hair after I lightened it. Go figure! After a few weeks my roots started coming through and I was left with slightly different colored tresses. That was fun!

Now if you don’t have the patience for your hair to grow out to achieve this look the way I did, you can always visit a hairdresser to request the style. I recommend bringing in pictures of styles that you like, so that the stylist can match you with shades complimentary to your skin tone, or in whatever colors you ask for.

And just in case you need something to reference, I’ve included pictures of celebs that have also gone Ombre.

Lauren Conrad
Jessica Biel 

What do you think? Is this trend still hot? Or has it already fizzled out?