Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer-to-Fall Nail Trends

Out with the old and….in with the old? Here's a look at 5 summer nail trends that I hope stay for fall.

1. Matte nail polish became a big trend this summer, but I think it will be even bigger this fall. There's just something about that non-glossy manicure that seems so appropriate for the coming season. Try a french manicure with a matte shade to make a very bold statement.

2. and 3. This particular style introduces two trends in one: the accented ring finger and glitter nail polish. Both trends have been favorites of mine as well as ones I've worn a lot this summer. An accented finger is fun, it breaks up the monotony of a single color manicure and glitter is just simply girly. And what could be more 'girly' than nail polish?

4. There's no other way to describe leopard print than fun, flirty, and feminine all wrapped into one. And that is why I absolutely adore this nail trend, and hope that it sticks around a little while longer. For this manicure, try using colors that don't resemble an actual leopard's coat, to give yourself a customized look. 

5. Magnetic nails are a trend I've yet to try, but a trend that also intrigues me. Similar to my feelings about matte nail polish, magnetic nails seem very autumn-inspired to me. The shades (the ones of which I've seen in stores at least) are deeper hues such as: burgundy, navy, black, etc. These nails are perfect for both seasons because they're oh so sleek and sexy.

Hands down, no pun intended…these are the 5 summer nail trends that I hope to see more of next season. 

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  1. Gorgeous nails!