Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preparing For College Your Freshmen Year

Now is the time for upcoming freshmen, attending college away from home, to start preparing. Most schools begin their academic years from late August into September, which means… you’ve got a month and a half at minimum to ready yourselves. 

Going to college, living away from home, and essentially closing the chapter on the life you’ve known for the past 18 years is a BIG adjustment for anyone. While it may seem scary to venture into the unknown, let me assure you from my own experience, that embarking on this journey will be nothing short of rewarding.

While I cannot coach another person through their own transition (albeit mounted with anticipation), I can however, offer a few pointers on how to make that transition a little easier.

If you’re a freshmen planning to room at the dorms, a list of suggested items should be included in your school’s housing information packet. For things you still might be unsure of, I’ve created a list below.

Things to bring:

• Bed linens: Preferably twin size, although the actual size should be given beforehand.

• Desk or bed lamp: These come in handy for late night study sessions- while at the same time, a precautionary measure to not keeping your roommate awake.

• Electronics: A laptop, iPad, or anything else that allows fast and easy access for studying, writing, and research purposes. *Having a printer would be useful as well. 

• Key or combination lock: Most dormitories provide a nightstand/drawer that you can lock belongings/valuables away in. *Make sure to keep the key safe with you at all times or by not sharing the combination with others.

• Shower caddy: Since you’ll be sharing a bathroom with at least another person, if not multiple people- you’ll need something to tote your bath essentials in. On that same token- shower shoes are also a good investment.

• Alarm clock: For no other reason than to get you out of bed and to class on time.

• Landline telephone: Some dorms provide telephones in each room, while some only come with phone jacks- in which case you’d have to provide a phone yourself (which is optional). If you do find it necessary to have a phone, bringing a cordless one would be ideal. Think, privacy.

• Personal items: Aside from your necessities, things from/that remind you of home are also nice to bring. (Ex: pictures, photo albums, your favorite blanket, etc.) Having those reminders can help to ease a homesick heart.

Remember that college is a whole new chapter that awaits you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Love it. And most of all, Good Luck!

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