Thursday, July 5, 2012

Choosing A Beach Bag

If you’re planning a trip to the shore, what do you bring? Most people carry items like: a beach towel, books, cell phones, iPods, sunscreen, food/drinks, maybe even a chair and umbrella. Then there are those who bring sporting equipment like volleyballs, footballs, Frisbees- you name it. When you think about it, that’s a lot to carry, so it begs the question, “How do you lug it all around?”
Transparent beach bags are ideal for 2 purposes. One is obvious by it being see through; it makes finding your belongings that much easier. Honestly, who wants to dig for sunscreen when the sun is blazing out? These types of bags come in a variety of sizes, making them convenient for toting around lots or just the opposite. And two, because we know that there’s a possibility our things could get wet at the beach, having a bag that is water resistant combats this. Also if you’re carrying valuables with you, you want to ensure that they’re in safe keeping right? If you can’t find a bag that is completely water resistant, make sure to place the items you want protected in a smaller compartment or bag that is.

Totes with zippers or pockets come in handy if among the items you’re carrying, are smaller ones that could easily be lost or misplaced. Things like your cell phone, lip balm, iPod, headphones, etc. All of these items tend to get lost at the bottom of our purses any way, so having designated spots for them in your tote can help make your trip less stressful. You should be relaxing on the beach, not freaking out because your keys are missing!

Bags with long top handles allow you to carry your belongings with ease- as the bag can be tossed comfortably over your shoulder. If you’re at the beach solo or have bigger items, freeing your hands gives you the ability to carry a number of other things. Items like car keys, a drink, maybe even someone else’s hand. Beach bags with these types of handles make toting more efficient.

Sand, water and lots of use during the summer months can wear your bag out quite quickly. Typical use goes something like this: from the closet to the trunk, trunk to the sand, sand to the trunk, and back into the closet. That’s a lot of wear and tear! Features like thick handles and reinforced bottoms are what you should look for when shopping for this particular style. Owning a tote that is sturdy and made of good quality is a surefire way to get the most bang for your buck. Think about it, buying a new beach bag every summer is a little ridiculous. I say splurge a little now, that way you can enjoy the bag for seasons to come.

Happy Shopping!

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