Monday, June 11, 2012

How-To Beach Waves Hair

A popular summer hairstyle are trendy "beach waves". You know, that perfect hair you get after a swim in the ocean? Now, getting this style is also possible without even leaving the house! Read below to discover the 3 ways to achieve this 1 look. 

1. The Product: The Ocean

The Cost: Free

The Effect: The hair's most natural looking wave is created by the elements of the ocean (salt water). Go for a swim the next time you're at the beach, and try out this hairstyle.

Tip: Help the waves along by scrunching hair while it's still damp, this will also help to build body. *After your hair has been exposed to salt, it dries faster so don't wait too long before scrunching.

2. The Product: Goody Heat, Wave Creator curling iron

The Cost: 29.99 

The Effect: Loose effortless waves are created by a wave shaped barrel. Unlike ordinary curling irons designed with a full clamp, this styling tool's is only partial. Simply place the clamp on or close to the ends of your hair, and wrap the barrel upwards. Because of the iron's unique design, it is almost effortless to achieve the desired look.

Features: Reaches it's maximum heat of 410 degrees in 30 seconds.

Tip: To tame waves, I recommend using a smoothing serum before or after heat styling.

3. The Product: Beach Wave/Surf hair sprays

The Cost: Prices for each hair spray will vary by brand and location at which you purchase them. My DIY version however, is of course free (if you've already got the supplies at home). 

*What You'll Need: 1 teaspoon of epsom salt (epsom salt helps with sore muscles and stomach aches- so you may already have this at home), a few drops of olive oil, 1/4 cup of water and a spray bottle.

The Effect: A less precise and looser wave is created by spritzing the product onto damp hair. Scrunch hair to style and allow to air dry. Waves will form as hair dries. 

Tip: If making your own spray, I suggest going easy on the olive oil. Oil has the tendency to weigh hair down and/or become too greasy to hold any body. 

The Verdict: I've achieved this look using all 3 methods, but have been most successful going the natural route. Next, using the curling iron and lastly, the hair spray. 

The whole point of the beach wave hairstyle is to make it look like you actually spent a day at the beach. So the messier the look, the better! Complete precision isn't necessary for this hairstyle, so don't be afraid to let it get a bit unruly. 

Try it out and discover which method works best for you.

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