Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer's Hottest Swimwear

It's that time of year again. The time when ladies around the world either break out their self-tanner and boldest accessories, or hide behind the covers and cringe with fear…it's swimsuit season! But don't start running for the hills just yet ladies- because I've designed a guide to help you find the perfect swimsuit. I give you 5 of this season's hottest designs. 

The One Piece

A single garment and classic choice. Its design provides moderate to full coverage and is available in an array of styles.

The Bikini

A two piece swimsuit available in several bra top and bottom styles. More skin is exposed in a bikini, so sunbathing is ideal for these suits. Whereas high action or physical activity would require a sports version of this suit for extra coverage. 

The Tankini

A two piece swimsuit comprised of bikini bottoms and a 'tank' top inspired upper. Tankinis are typically worn by those who prefer the coverage of a one piece with the convenience of a two piece. It provides moderate to full coverage.  

The Monokini

A one piece swimsuit that connects in the front and back, leaving only its sides exposed. Not ideal for sunbathing, just think of the tan lines! The monokini is available in a variation of styles and designs. It provides moderate to full coverage. 

The Swim Dress

A one piece swimsuit designed in dress form. For the more conservative swimmer, this particular design provides full coverage. 

Support and coverage for each swimsuit will vary, which is great for the self conscious of beach goers. The truth is, all of us aren't completely comfortable frolicking on the beach or near the pool in next to nothing. What is comforting to know if you're looking for something you'll feel most confident in, is that many are now made with firming and full control materials. Think beach wear `a la the Spanx revolution.  

Budgeting for swimwear can be done one of two ways: 

a) If you're the type of girl who likes to have multiple suits to choose from or you only plan on wearing yours for the current summer, I suggest going the less expensive route. Stores like Target and Old Navy carry really cute pieces at great prices.


b) If you're looking for a higher quality suit with special features and/or materials, or you want something that will last you a few seasons- I say splurge. Yes, $50+ seems expensive but if you know that you'll get the wear out of it that you intend on, then why not? Stores like Nordstrom, Macy's and specialty boutiques carry these types of suits.

Choosing a swimsuit is a big deal this time of year. Many of us like wearing what speaks to our style while others of us simply like wearing what we feel comfortable in. No matter which style you choose, I hope this guide will prevent your next fitting room meltdown and instead send you out the doors with a smile. 

So this summer, be sure to pick the suit that suits you best!

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