Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Fashion Part II

*Disclaimer: All projects that require sewing, I stitch by hand. I do not own a sewing machine and haven't used one since my home-ec days years ago. With that said, I cannot provide the time it takes to complete each project. My apologies :(

Project: Halter Falter; turning a blouse into a vest 

Item: Blouse,, price unknown 

Reason for Recycling: Too small. Needed to convert it into a piece that I could actually wear.

Materials Needed: Needle, Thread, Scissors and Elastic


How To: *Side note: As mentioned, the blouse was a bit too small, so in order to make it fit, I sewed panels into each side using excess material I had at home. However, when I decided to convert the blouse to a vest, I took out the panels and sewed the original sides back together. 
1. Cut the blouse directly up the middle, splitting it into two sections
2. Undo the button at the top of the neck
3. Measure a strip of elastic to a length that is comfortable around the back of your neck
4. Pin elastic strip to both ends of the neck line
5. Sew ends of elastic into place 
6. Complete

Project: Boho Tank to Sassy Scarf; turning a top into an accessory

Item: Asymmetrical Tank, Nordstrom Rack, $16.99

Reason for Recycling: Washing machine ate one of the straps :(

Materials needed: Needle, Thread and Scissors


How To: 
1. Cut off straps and any tags right above the seams
2. Unbutton garment so that it becomes one large piece
3. Sew down uneven edges to the inside seam of garment
4. Complete
* The middle of the scarf is where the back tag used to be. Center that at your neck and tie!

Project: From Tan to Green Eternity Scarf; fabric dying

Item: Eternity Scarf,, $13 

Reason for Recycling: Wanted a change

Materials needed: Needle, Thread, Scissors (all optional) and Green Fabric Dye


How To: * If you want a shorter length like I did, follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to step 5. For instructions on how to die fabric, refer to my blog titled "DIY Fashion".
1. Cut scarf open
2. Measure the amount of fabric you want the scarf shortened by and cut off
3. Place the two ends of the scarf back together and pin 
4. Sew ends closed
5. Begin dying process
6. Complete

Project: To Cross-body or Not; transforming a simple purse into a cross-body bag

Item: Coach handbag, Military Exchange, $80

Reason for Recycling: I was going to Disneyland and needed a purse that I could throw on and not have to carry. I initially wanted a coach cross-body bag, but didn't want to buy one. Thus, this idea was born! *Side note: All of the items used were items I already had at home, making it a no cost project! 

Materials needed: Women's Skinny Belt, Double Sided Tape (optional) and Charms/Embellishments (optional)

How To:
1. Undo strap from first buckle
2. Loop purse strap through buckle of women's skinny belt
3. Take end of belt and loop through the second buckle of the purse 
4. If there is excess strap as I had, either cut the remaining length off or tuck under and secure with double sided tape
5. Add charms/embellishments to hardware of purse (optional)
6. Complete

Project: Wedging Out; taking shoes from brown to black

Item: Brown wedges, Payless Shoe Source, price unknown

Reason for Recycling: Wanted an all purpose shoe

Materials needed: Gloves, Face Mask, Newspaper/Paper Towels, Cardboard and Black Spray Paint 

How To: 
1. Stuff insides of both shoes with newspaper and/or paper towels
2. Lay down cardboard, preferably outside
3. Put on mask and gloves
4. Evenly coat shoes with spray paint (spraying away from body and face)
5. Let dry
6. Complete
Project: Ultra Recycled Denim; re-dying jeans

Item: Skinny Jeans, Wet Seal, $15-20

Reason for Recycling: In my first DIY Fashion blog, I showed how I turned my grey skinny jeans white by bleaching them. I decided I didn't care for them in white and wanted to change the color again so I went red! Yes, same jeans recycled twice!

How To: For instructions on how to die fabric, refer to my blog titled "DIY Fashion".


Project: Homemade Eczema Remedy; a health and beauty DIY tip

Item: Unrefined Shea Butter,, $8.49 for 1 lb. , Honey, any grocer, $1-3

Reason for Recycling: I've read about the different properties of shea butter, and wanted to experiment to make a moisturizing cream. A few months ago, I had a sudden outbreak of eczema. I tried several products and none seemed to work for me. I recently started using this cream and discovered that it really helps to soothe and heal extra dry skin due to eczema or similar conditions.

Materials needed: Unrefined Shea Butter, Honey, Plastic Container, Mixing Bowl, Electric Mixer, Pot, Water

How To: 
1. Place shea butter in plastic container
2. Boil a pot of water
3. Place plastic container in the pot to melt shea butter
4. Pour shea butter into mixing bowl
5. Add about 3 tbsps of honey
6. Whip together with electric mixer for 5 minutes until liquid comes to a foam
7. Pour mixture back into plastic container and let settle
8. Complete
* Apply to areas of severely dry skin. *Side note: I've also found that applying a layer of talcum/baby powder on top of the area you applied the cream to, will help to lock in moisture. After the first day of using this remedy, the redness faded and my eczema has subsided quite substantially. Thank God!

Again, another look at some of the items you can recycle all on your own. These projects were all so simple, fun to do, and cost effective. I mean, who doesn't love saving money? I highly recommend these projects if you're looking for a change, without spending your change. Catch my drift? I hope these tips were helpful and that they inspired the creative eye in you. Till then, stay fabulous!!! XOXO

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