Monday, May 21, 2012

6 Must-Have's for a Picture Perfect Prom

With prom season amongst us, I thought I'd compile a list (for those of us still in school) of the 6 essential items you'll need for a foolproof night!

Toting a camera on prom night allows you to capture the memories of friends new and old. For most prom goers this night will be your last hurrah as a graduating class. Don’t let the moment pass- get to snapping!

Most prom nights begin with a dinner and end with dancing. And dancing in close proximity always warrants fresh breath! To save yourself the potential embarrassment pop in a piece of gum, or a breath mint prior to hitting the dance floor.

Safety Pins
Ladies, if on your routine stop to the restroom you find a rip in your dress or a broken zipper, don’t fret- your night isn’t ruined. Carrying extra safety pins will provide a temporary fix to most minor wardrobe malfunctions. Fellas, the same could be said for tuxedos; got a loose hem or a missing button? A safety pin does the trick. Don’t have one? Ask your date, she’s sure to have you covered.

Bobby Pins
Let’s face it, getting your hair done is one of the best parts of prom night. Having it fall out of place right before your picture is taken, is one of the worst. Keeping bobby pins handy will help you to immediately combat those annoying fly-aways and troublesome tresses. You’ll be smiling for the camera in no time!

Lip balm/Lipgloss
Smile! Those flash bulbs will be going off all night, and to ensure your pout is picture perfect- simply apply your favorite lip balm/gloss throughout the night. My favorite; eos lip balm- smooth sphere in Sweet Mint.
Formal footwear was an aspect of prom that always made me happy. However, dancing in heels for hours on end makes me anything but. If you plan on wearing the highest of heels, I advise you to carry a handful of band-aids. When placed between your shoe and your skin, a band-aid provides cushion to your ankles as well as prevents blistering. Prom is about having fun and dancing the night away- not sitting it out.

So here’s to a night of making memories that will last a lifetime! Enjoy!

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