Thursday, September 15, 2011

"FALL"ing For Beauty

Another blog!!! Finally. It feels like it's been forever since I last wrote- and to say the least, I don't like the feeling. However, within the past few weeks I've purchased some more beauty products that I absolutely need to rave about :) I've been using all 3 products a lot and they have rather quickly become some of my faves. So let's get to it!

Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Palette

First off, let me say I was a bit skeptical before ordering the palette (, $22.95). I read several reviews and watched plenty of videos, where people pretty much either loved or hated the palette. I was in the market for something other than just eye shadow duos or quads, so I figured why not? I've used other products from the same company and I've liked them, so why not try this particular palette out? I'm very happy I did. 

First 6 shades, top left
The palette itself consists of 36 shades which are broken down into groups of 6. These colors and potential looks are categorized by neutral browns, greens, purples, greys/blacks, blues and pinks. Grouping each set of colors allows for the smokey effect, as each group contains several shades of the same color. 

Second 6 shades, top center
I will agree that some of the eye shadows in this palette as far as formula is concerned, are different from the eye shadows in other Coastal Scents palettes I've used. My way around this? Good primer and brushes. Which leads me to the other products I've fallen in love with. Would I recommend this palette to some one else? Yes, if they were looking for the same thing(s) I was looking for before purchasing this item. However, you can live without it as well, but....even if you don't LOVE every shade, it's still a good bargain. Nearly $23 bucks for 36 colors, that's about $.64 a piece. And where will you ever be able to find that deal?, it's worth a try!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!! I can't say enough about it. Anyone who has used Too Faced products or even Urban Decay products for that matter, know there are several eye shadow primers available. "What is an eye shadow primer?", you might be asking yourself. Well, it is a type of base you apply to the eye lid area before applying eye shadow. It helps with the shadow's staying power and also prevents creasing if the shadow were applied to a bare lid. Although this primer's intended use is as a "Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primer", it does work just as well as a plain primer- sans glitter or loose pigments. I love this stuff. As with most primers, a little goes a long way, especially with this particular kind. It's much thicker in formula and leaves more of a tacky adhesive once dried. This is what you really want when applying color; you want it to adhere to something and you want that color to last all day. The very good thing about this product besides quality, is that like the other primers available from Too Faced cosmetics, they are all the same price. $18, and available at several retailers. I purchased mine at Sephora. And I highly recommend it. I've used it with glitter as well, and it works just as it says it will. I experienced little to no fall out, which I can't say about any other primer I've used. This is the real deal.

Sigma Beauty 12 Brush Kit

Probably the best makeup product I've purchased all year, these brushes are worth every penny they cost. $79 at At the time of purchase, I found and used a 10% off coupon- which pretty much covered the shipping, so I was pleased with that. This 12 piece brush set did not come with the container that the brushes of the 'Make Me Up' collection ($99) come with. I didn't feel the need to have the container, so I chose the less expensive set. I am beyond pleased with the quality and variety of these brushes. I've noticed since having and using the new brushes, that the time I spend on applying my makeup, has reduced considerably. And I love that! Don't get me wrong, I love to do my makeup- but if I can get the same results in less time, I'm all about that! I won't talk about each brush, but I will list the numbering for your reference as well as a link to their descriptions: 
E05, E30, E40, E55, E65, E60, E70, F30, F40, F50, F60, F70 

I highly highly recommend these brushes. Prior to this set, I was using Coastal Scents brushes for about 2 years, which there's nothing wrong with those- but the quality in Sigma Beauty brushes is just a million times better. I promise, you will love these. *Side note: Joey and I filmed a video about my old brushes. It's pretty funny, check it out: 

So there you go guys, just a few of my new favorite products. I'm hoping writing this blog will keep me motivated to not let so much time pass before the next one! Be on the lookout for more DIY blogs as well as reviews and favorites. Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO 

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