Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy For Ombre

Made famous by celebs like Jessica Biel, Ciara, and Lauren Conrad to name a few- Ombre hair has become a huge trend not to mention, highly sought after style for most of 2012. Although the trend is most popular within the beauty community (hair and nails), it’s also crossed over into clothing and fabrics.

Ombre” is easily defined as different colors and tones shading into each other resulting in a color scheme that graduates from light to dark or vice versa.

So what does Ombre hair look like? The answer: dark roots that gradually get lighter toward the ends of your hair. The style can also be reversed.

In my case, I ended up with Ombre hair on accident I suppose. Or rather, I had the hairstyle before it was even a trend really. It was the result of not re-dying my hair after I lightened it. Go figure! After a few weeks my roots started coming through and I was left with slightly different colored tresses. That was fun!

Now if you don’t have the patience for your hair to grow out to achieve this look the way I did, you can always visit a hairdresser to request the style. I recommend bringing in pictures of styles that you like, so that the stylist can match you with shades complimentary to your skin tone, or in whatever colors you ask for.

And just in case you need something to reference, I’ve included pictures of celebs that have also gone Ombre.

Lauren Conrad
Jessica Biel 

What do you think? Is this trend still hot? Or has it already fizzled out?

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