Monday, June 25, 2012

First Date Do's & Don'ts

First dates are always nerve racking!!! Whether or not you know the person you’re seeing, it doesn’t make a difference. Initial meetings have the ability to make anyone feel a bit anxious when it comes to matters such as dating and relationships. The 3 things we secretly hope for on a first date are:  to be liked, to not embarrass ourselves, and lastly- to get the coveted second date. By following these Do’s & Don’ts on a first date, you can bet that you’ll be seeing them again!

1. Be yourself.

2. Be on time. 

3. If you’re going on a blind date, meaning you haven’t met the person yet, agree to meet them someplace public. Do not give them your address…just yet. Safety first!

4. Be courteous and polite.

5. Hold back from giving your honest opinion on everything. You never know how your date will react to your candidness.

6. Offer to pay for your portion of the date. Do not expect that your date will pay unless they’ve specifically said they would…always 
be prepared to offer.

7. In case you have to contact someone during the date, make sure your cell phone is with you and charged. Carry change for a payphone if need be.

8. Have an exit plan if the date is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. For example, “I need to get home” or “I have an early day tomorrow”. In short, a polite way to excuse yourself.

9. Carry gum or mints with you. There’s nothing worse than bad breath on a date, especially your first.

10. If you enjoyed yourself and hope to see the person again, let them know your interest in a second date. You could try saying, “I had a great time”, or “I hope we do this again”.

1. Never be late- unless you have a legitimate reason to be. Inform your date if you know you will be running behind schedule.

2. Do not be impolite to your date or anyone you come across while out. Keep in mind that you don’t have a second chance to 
make a first impression.

3. Honesty is an admirable quality, but being blatantly honest could backfire on you- as well as ensure that there’ll never be a second date.

4. Don’t forget your wallet; never assume that your date will foot the bill. Today, the common and polite gesture is known as, “going Dutch”. Which means both persons pay for themselves.

5. Don’t forget your cell phone. If the two of you are meeting someplace, you have to be able to reach each other.

6. If you’re of legal age to drink- do NOT get drunk. Having a drink at dinner is acceptable, but getting drunk to the point where you cannot drive is shameful.

7. Don’t kiss on the first date (at least not on the lips). I like to think I’m traditional, so a hug or even a kiss on the cheek is appropriate.

8. If you didn’t have as great of a time as you hoped, and you don’t foresee a second date- don’t say, “I’ll call you”- if you have no intention of doing so. A simple “thank you for tonight” will suffice.

Hopefully you made it out of the date unscathed and have already made plans to see them again. If you followed the suggestions, then all the better. Congrats!

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