Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Beachy

So I'm headed to Mexico early next year for my brother's wedding! I'm so excited- I've never been to Mexico, and as you might imagine, it's a beach wedding. I'm not sure yet what I will wear to the ceremony, but the other day I went to the beach with an old friend and found a shop I've been meaning to check out. The store is called Closet, and I've seen it at a few different malls around town, so I was surprised to learn it had a beach location. It's a cute store- very inexpensive :) it's what I'd call a 'cheapy store'. Anyway...I picked up a couple of items that would work perfect during my trip. I thought I'd share the items with you!!! These are 2 essential beach items that will never go out of style, so let's get ready to hit the waves...

The first item I picked up is the woven sun hat. I've been looking for a hat like this for forever, but could never find one I absolutely loved. I came close once at a swap meet- but it was the last of its kind and the stitching was unraveling a bit, so I didn't want to spend $10 on something that was already falling apart. None the less, I've searched high and low and finally found this one. What I love about this particular hat besides the fact that it protects you from the sun, is the cute printed scarf it came with. It's fun and very 'summery'. And it's an easy fix if I ever want to change out the scarf. The other feature that sold me on the hat is the brim. I've wanted a sun hat with a very floppy brim- one where you can barely see the eyes at times- something in the style a la J.Lo! But what I love even more about this hat was the price...$7.99! I was stoked when I discovered that this hat was cheaper than the one falling apart at the swap meet- so OF COURSE I had to get it. Living so close to the beach, I'll wear this a lot and especially while in Mexico. Very happy with this purchase!!!

The next item I purchased was a pair of linen pants, in white, which retailed for $17.99 I believe. Linen pants will always be a beach must. They are extremely lightweight, so if they do get wet, it won't take forever for them to dry- which is a good thing, especially if the wind starts to pick up. They are also extremely comfortable, plus...linen is meant to have a bit of a wrinkle to it, so there's no need to stress over having to iron the pant. I especially like the waist on these pants, it features a slouch type band; similar to the kind you would find on a yoga pant. No zippers, snaps, harnesses, etc.! No more fuss- just slip these on and fold the waist band down and you've got the most relaxed comfortable fit. These pants naturally were too long for me, but that was an easy fix, all I had to do was a quick hem. And now I'm ready for the beach!

I'm looking forward to my trip and being able to put these essentials to use....Viva La Mexico! Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO

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