Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Dot Boutique

Target. One of my most favorite stores. The other day my boyfriend Joey and I went shopping there, and while we intended to pick up a few groceries, I managed to walk away with a few clothing items :) My only saving grace however, is the fact that these items were inexpensive and a least 2 out of the 3 were! But who's counting?

Let's begin with the infamous little black dress.

This dress, by Xhilaration, is super cute and for $20 it can be worn in several different ways. Whether you're running errands or out on a date, this dress is a great option. While the dress itself is not altogether formal, it's a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. Example #1: Just running around town? Wear this dress with a long necklace and a pair of slippers (some call them flip flops- but after living in Hawaii for a couple of years, this is the ONLY word I know them by)- and your look is complete. Example #2: Out on a date? Pair this dress with a shorter necklace, add a wide belt if you like, throw on a dressier sandal or wedge and there you go, you've got the perfect outfit for an evening out. It's a fashion must- every woman NEEDS a little black dress in her closet! *Side note- if you plan on buying a reasonably priced dress that's multi-functional, I suggest washing it in cold water with a detergent that's strictly for dark clothes. That way, it'll slow the process of fading your black dress and make it last longer. I use Woolite's Extra Dark Care detergent. 

Next item: the ever so useful legging. 

Leggings come in different lengths: knee, capri and ankle. I'm on the shorter side, so I go for the capri length. These leggings, by Mossimo Supply Co. are SOOO versatile...and comfy :) These too can be casual or dressy- simply add a pair of sneakers and a tee shirt and you can hit the gym, wear them with slippers and a tunic top and you're comfortably chic, or pair them with heels and a blazer and you're ready for drinks. Leggings are another must. Stick with the basics, grey and black to achieve a more slimming appearance. Watch out for the flashier colors, they can make you appear bigger than you actually are. And for $8 each why not pick up a couple pairs??

Lastly, the racer back nautical tank. 

I love this style of tank!! It's cute, comfortable and affordable. This tank, also by Mossimo Supply Co. was $14.99 and came in an array of colors. This top wasn't a necessity but I just couldn't resist. It's roomy, so you can wear it on the days you aren't feeling your skinniest- but frankly speaking, I'd wear it any day. And with summer upon us, this tank is very season appropriate!

The items I purchased I know I'll wear a lot of, which is how I justify most of my purchases anyway. Even if something is under $10 why buy it if you know you'll only wear it once? That's $10 that can go toward something you absolutely love and will wear often. Be smart ladies...and gents :) I'm not saying you shouldn't indulge every now and then in impulse shopping, but just remember that all those little purchases add up! Besides, it's not very fashionable if you have an amazing dinner outfit, but can' t afford the dinner. Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO

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