Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orange County Goodies

An old friend was recently visiting the LA area- so Joey and I drove up to see her. After our visit, we explored the area a bit and got some good shopping in!!! Here are a few of the items I picked up. *Side note: all items are from South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Ca.

I've had a gift card to Forever 21 that I've been trying to use for a while. Finally!!!! At this particular store, I found the cutest printed baby doll top!!! The price ranged somewhere between $15-$18 (I can't remember off the top of my head). I'm really big on prints, but not so much prints that are hard on the eyes. I.e., obnoxiously multi-colored ones. I like to stick with prints that can be worn for different occasions: a presentation at school, a day in the office, a luncheon, etc. The sizing ran fairly big- normally I would wear a size up at this store, but the smaller size fit pretty well. What I love most about these style of tops is that they are extremely roomy and comfortable- you don't feel restricted in them, which is a huge plus :) 

I also love the pockets on the front of the garment. This feature adds dimension to the top by breaking up the monotony of what could have easily been a solitary piece. It's cute, comfortable and multi-fucntional; such a good deal!

The next item is my new ruby red nail polish by Butter LONDON in the color Chancer. It retails for $14 and I got mine at Nordstrom- another one of my favorite stores. Nail polish is an absolute MUST for me. I think a freshly manicured hand is always in style (the same goes for feet). I've always heard good things about this brand, but this was the first time trying it out- and I must say, I like it a lot!  $14 is pricey- but you get what you pay for. The color goes on nice and dries super quick- which is a good thing for girls on the go. I used 2 coats and set it with a clear top coat. Very very impressed with this one!

Lastly, my new mascara from Smashbox- the Lash DNA in Jet Black. It's said to condition, lengthen, curl and repair former lash damage. I got it from Nordstrom Rack for only $8.97- originally $19 at Sephora and Now I'm notorious for trying out tons of mascara. I'd say I buy at least 2 different ones every month or so, which is a lot considering one should last about 3 months. By far, my favorite mascara as far as formula and effect, has been Buxom's Buxom Lash ($19). After trying Lash DNA though, this is my new favorite and for only $9, I'm sold! 

There's so much more I would have liked to look at while we were out, but it was so hot that day that it tired me out. For now, I'm happy with the things I was able to pick up- there's always next time. Till then, stay fabulous! XOXO

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